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Yesilırmakmotor is a Fan of MZ motorcycles, since 1990 is MZ for us still the milestone in 2 stroke Motorcycles in Europe and Turkey. As you know the production of MZ motorcycles has been stopped in Germany in 1992 and then the production line for 251/301 moved to Turkey and produced here. This production goes on till 2005 and in 2005 it stopped also here to. But the quality was so high that the using of this motorcycles still are going ahead in all around of the World. After a while spare parts problem occured in the market.

From year 1997 till today Yesilirmakmotor are stil selling parts for MZ ETZ 125,150, 250, 251, 301, 500, MZ ES 125, 150, 175, 250, 300, MZ TS 125, 150, 250, MZ RT 125, MZ BK 350 and Simson parts. Yesilirmak Motor has explored to found all parts in Turkey and collected them, but in the last 5 years we came also to the end of this treasure. In the last few years there are problems on parts supplying for end users. Especially this supply chain bottle neck and the idea to let the Legend live for the the next 100 years. Forced us to make a decision, We build up a production line for MZ parts and let produce Formdies for producing the most needed parts at its original quality and dimensions. As Yesilırmak Motor Company is our goal to support the MZ drivers on all around the world To see the parts in production and spareparts category please press the button below window.

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